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Disability on a spectrum

On Disability

Disability Curated 

Are there questions in disability studies you are fascinated by? Are you a creator passionate about positive representations of disability? All kind of work is welcome! Writings, paintings, photography, etc. If you would like to contribute, please reach out via with a short introduction of yourself and a sample of the work you'd like to submit. 


Most often, Disability is related to Health, Accessibility, and Inclusivity. However, it can also be a topic of research in academia and a source of inspiration for artistic works. Ableism in academia has been increasingly denunciated over the past few years, disabled creators are still heavily underrepresented, and problematics about Disability are still too often put aside. In addition to supporting individuals with disabilities in their academic journey, the Disability Handbook also offers a space where scholarly and artistic works related to Disability can be shared. This anthology aims to show how diverse questions and representations about Disability can be. 

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