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Disability Handbook 

Tailored solutions to disability-related challenges in higher education.

The Disability Handbook explores various disabilities, their impact on one’s studies and suggests numerous academic accommodations. I hope that this will facilitate prospective students’ academic experiences in higher education and provide valuable insights to anyone who wishes to inform themselves on the topic. Support from knowledgeable interlocutors is incredibly helpful and encouraging. Not only does this make students feel safe while providing basic needs for their access to education, but it also allows them to feel comfortable and welcome in an environment that can prove challenging, both academically and socially. There are as many disabilities as there are individuals in the disability community, and a single research can, unfortunately, not cover the beautiful  diversity of the disability spectrum, nonetheless, it can offer the reader a glimpse of its world and culture.

Lisa Dondainas

On Disability


About the Disability Handbook

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