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What can you do?

Contribute to the DH Anthology!

Are there questions in disability studies you are fascinated by? Are you a creator passionate about positive representations of disability? All kind of work is welcome! Writings, paintings, photography, etc. If you would like to contribute, please reach out via with a short introduction of yourself and a sample of the work you'd like to submit. 

Your feedback is welcome!

Are you a student with a disability or chronic condition? Do you feel like an existing section of the Disability Handbook is missing some information? Should there be a new section added to it?

While the Disability Handbook provides one with a strong understanding of what the most common disabilities are and what they entail for those experiencing them, it does not (yet) cover all the variations of the disability spectrum. If you wish to share your feedback or discuss the topics approached in the handbook, you are welcome to contact the author via email.

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