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Lisa Dondainas


Deaf in both ears since I was 12 years old, I decided to turn my disability into a source of inspiration in my academic work and artistic experimentations. The idea of the Disability Handbook (DH) arose from my own experiences as a student with a disability: regardless of my level of education, I always had to explain my condition to others and fight for my rights to accessible education. I hope that the resource I created here will make the path through higher education of others who study with a disability more manageable.
In addition to the DH, I have been working on artistic forms of expression to illustrate the specificities of living with a disability. Thus, I started in 2019 a series of digital comics focusing on everyday challenges related to deafness, available on Instagram here: @The_larsen_effect. Due to my international background, I aim to make my work accessible to a broad audience, therefore working both in English and French; find the French versions of my comics here: @The_larsen_effect_fr Later on, in 2020, I dived into creating a collection of paintings representing my understanding of disability and my perception of the world relative to my deafness. Besides my artistic interests, I also work in the area of disability studies, specifically on the representation of disability in cinematographic works. See one of my article on topic, Norms on the Abnormal (p.74).

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